How to go about buying new car tyres for your vehicle?

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Automobile owners must get new car tyres online for their vehicles after manoeuvring for about 26,000 to 40,000 miles. But, it is also important to check the condition of old tyres mounted on your car before thinking about getting new tyres. It can help you understand why the old tyres were damaged early or are there any signs of internal damage.

Moreover, you should be aware of the several tyre brands available in the market plus the various models they offer. You can get a tyre based on your driving style, weather condition or any other requirements. Hence, below we will explain the different kinds of tyres you can get plus explain the markings, labelling and other information.

Studying the Old Variants Mounted On Your Car

Car owners can easily check the old variants on their automobiles for any indications of early damage. Furthermore, it can be an inner issue of incorrect alignment, balance or suspension damage if only one side of a tyre has less tread than the other. In such situations, finding all the damaged parts and getting them fixed before purchasing new tyres is the best option to allow them to last much longer.

Inspect the tyre markings mentioned on the old tyres to determine which kind and size of tyres you require.

Inspect if the tyre tread is well above 1.6mm. Any tyre with a tread above 1.6mm is considered safe to drive if it is not much old.

Find a Brand New Car Tyres For Your Vehicle Based On Your Choice 

There is a broad spectrum of tyres you can find for a car depending on the driving habits as well as the roads on which steer. Some of the diverse kinds of variants you can get include:

Summer tyres

These tyres promote superior drive in hot weather situations. Summers will cause premature tread damage on standard tyres but the compounds used in constructing summer tyres allow these variants to last longer. Also, they provide a comfortable drive on dry as well as wet surfaces. Buying these variants will lower the chances of aquaplaning because of not so deep grooves.

Winter Tyres

These variants promote a good driving experience when the weather is extremely cold. Generally, the cold weather will cause the roads to become snowy, icy or watery. Therefore, driving on such roads will be hard with normal tyres. Hence, getting winter tyres will facilitate optimal control, offer the best braking plus ensure you obtain a comfortable ride. Also, the design of winter tyres allows them to stay elastic even when the temperature goes below sub-zero to reduce the risk of extra damage.

All-season Tyres

The variants enable car owners to drive throughout the year without any problems. Moreover, these tyres are a combination of summer and winter tyres and offer reliable performance and safety. Moreover, they remove the need to change tyres every new season to get a safe ride. Also, these tyres have all adaptive material that facilitates a better fuel economy when compared with winter tyres.

Performance Tyres

These variants allow outstanding drive performance and are superior in terms of performance. Luxury or sports automobile owners can get these tyres to obtain the best handling, braking performance plus stability at high speeds. Moreover, you can now release the maximum potential of a vehicle without lowering the overall safety.

4×4 Tyres

These units allow the best drive to SUV and CUV owners. Also, 4×4 units come in 3 different variants known as the H/T, A/T plus M/T that allow you to overcome all kinds of tough roads.

Run-Flat Tyres

These variants enable you to drive a vehicle for nearly 50 miles at 50mph even if the tyre gets punctured. Furthermore, car owners can buy this variant due to the extra safety it offers as well as the convenience of not carrying an extra tyre all the time.

Inspecting the Tyre Markings

The tyres markings include a code on the sidewall that can help in the easy picking of the proper tyre based on your vehicle or driving habits.

For example, a tyre with this marking 200/50, R 18, 83 V means


The first part of the code contains the total width of a tyre that is measured in millimetres.


The nest number after the width is the aspect ratio of a tyre that is measured based on the height and width.


Tyre construction pattern comes after the aspect ratio comes. In the example above, the letter R denotes Radial and other examples are D for diagonal plus B for Bias.


These digits refer to the diameter of the inside tyres plus should fit with the size of the wheels.


These numbers guide towards the load index plus refers to the max weight a tyre will be able to carry.


This alphabet refers to the speed index and is the max speed a tyre can be driven up to.

Popular Brands You Can Buy For Your Car 

  1. Continental Tyres
  1. Bridgestone Tyres
  1. Pirelli Tyres
  1. Michelle Tyres
  1. Hankook Tyres
  1. Yokohama Tyres

You can get in touch with car tyres fitted experts to know more about the different kinds of variants you can buy.

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